Month: March 2019

Payday Loans – A new Offer from Banks

Up to PLN 50,000 under the payday loan, the new Bank offer. With the special promotional offer for new customers, Bank just launched, launching the Credit offer with an interest rate of 4.99%. It is a payday loan launched in the form of a limit in the company account up to PLN 50,000, with no Read More

A person who should settle debt of 3.5 million yen through debt consolidation

Debt consolidation for debt of 3.5 million yen However, if you want to avoid such hardships , and who want to repay a debt of 3.5 million yen more reliably and surely, you will be able to return debt quickly as soon as possible. It is difficult to arbitrarily organize! What? As for the first Read More

10 myths about debt consolidation debunked for you

    Debt consolidation does not escape! Indeed, this mechanism of financial recovery is the target of many falsehoods and that is why we demystify, for you, the 10 most common myths about the consolidation of debts. You will see that it has nothing of the incredible stories that we tried to make you swallow, Read More